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Looking for detailed reports, important records, or perhaps you need to start your own private investigation? Prior to the internet world and the search industry, finding public records required hiring of professionals to physically locate this information at information repositories and criminal justice agencies around the country. Today, the public records search can be so much more easy, quick, and affordable.

What is a "public records search"?

For whatever reasons that you may be seeking the records you want, you may not truly understand how the search process works. Search for the public records (marriage records, death records, estate records, court records etc) by filling in the search box: full name, state and you can add a city and middle initials as well. The more information you put, the better results we can provide to you, however, in many cases it is enough to input name/last name and location.

Public records information – what can you get?

So, what kinds of information can you get by conducting public records search? Depending on the information you provide us to conduct your search, will determine what range of accurate and complete details on that person in question you will find. Using this site, you can find information from courts and jails,